The Medium roller is a delightful size equipped to treat your face and neck. Created from the designer crystal beauty range, all the rollers are exquisete and available from purely raw a grade crystals.If you have considered purchasing a crystal roller ensure you buy a genuinely natural product that has not been checmically treated, ensuring it's raw beauty and energy is in tact.Remember that Rose Quartz is the stone of love and the heart.......This lovely roller can easily steal away in your make up bag and provide a quick skin perk in no time..The Rose Quartz roller is a one of a kind item, no two rollers by white lotus are alike do to the hand picked selection of the grade of crystals and the painstaking carving process involved when chemicals are not used.This precious roller would make a superb gift or addition to a highly prized beauty tool collection.The medium Rose Quartz facial roller bears the same points of distinction of all of the White Lotus Designer crystal RangeRaw Crystal beauty- carved without chemicals to avoid the use of nasty solvents on your skinPresented in a delightful gift box with 100% silk lining as the ancient chinese used to store themEnergetically pure to deliver a fantastic crystal treatment for yourself and your loved ones.Signature brass clips to ensure safety and stability during a treatmentEasy to clean by removing the crystal stone from the clips -it keeps it hygenic in between treatments

Rose Quartz Roller

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